Weekly Eats 29th April

I’ve had a pretty epic and colourful week, including a 21 mile hike in the Peak District, hanging out in a beach hut in Lytham St Annes and some leisurely time in London.  Luckily the food has been top notch and varied too.

Let me talk you through it:

Sunday night was a Diana Henry Change of Appetite number – kale pesto and wholemeal pasta – earthy, tangy and gorgeous.  The perfect food for a hangover as we were recovering from a 40th birthday party the night before.

Then Monday and Tuesday were London days, and my foodie friend Lolita had lots of exciting venues in store for me, starting with Mildred’s the vegetarian chain where I had a truly exceptional Tokyo Bowl.  Great flavour and fantastically vibrant to look at. Obviously we then had to have a pudding after our healthy lunch, just to even things out, so we popped to Ottolenghi in Islington.  What a marvellous venue. Very sleek, minimalist and modern.  And the cakes were excellent too.

Tuesday’s expedition was to Books for Cooks, the brilliant cookbook shop in Notting Hill.  They have a three course lunch menu from their tester kitchen for just £7.  It’s a great atmosphere -friendly and welcoming and rather theatrical.  We were treated to butterbean and onion soup, ricotta and spinach dumplings and a roasted lemon cake.  All so good.

food Diana Henry's kale pesto and whole wheat penne
Diana Henry’s kale pesto and whole wheat penne
food Tokyo bowl at Mildred's
Tokyo bowl at Mildred’s
food Plum crumble cake at Ottolenghi's
Plum crumble cake at Ottolenghi’s
food 3 courses for £7 at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill
3 courses for £7 at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill

I was back in Stockport for Tuesday dinner and Jamie cooked up a healthy option to counterbalance all my London pigging out.  It was an Inspiralized recipe: lemon, garlic, brocilli and bacon and it hit the spot.

On Wednesday I had more travelling exploits as I headed up to Lytham St Annes with friends and spent the day in a beach hut.  It was freezing but glorious and what a fun day we had. Lunch was a picnic from Booths made up of quiches, salads, cheese and baba ganoush. Ideal beach hut fodder.

Thursday night, again I was feeling the need to up my healthy food intake so we did a ‘bikini bolognaise’ from the Inspiralized cookbook – made with courgetti and turkey mince.  Very spicy and tasty.

Finally I finished the week on Friday with a 21 mile hike in the Peak District with Fresh Walks.  A glorious and exhausting day.  I was delighted to come home to a divine Diana Henry dinner that Jamie had rustled up: griddled aubergines with date, walnut and yoghurt salad with kisir (a pomegranate and tomato taboulleh).  Definitely one of the best things I’ve eaten all year – the kisir was tangy and sweet, and the date and yoghurt salad was a creamy and delicious contrast. It was the perfect end to my mamouth day and week.

I’ll be back next week for more updates from my eating adventures – watch this space.

food Lemon, garlic, brocilli and bacon
Lemon, garlic, brocilli and bacon
Food Lytham St Annes
Lytham St Annes
food A Booth's picnic
A Booth’s picnic
food Lytham St Annes beach huts
Lytham St Annes beach huts
Food Inspiralized bikini bolognaise
Inspiralized bikini bolognaise
Food Peak District 21 mile hike - I have no idea where we were though!
Peak District 21 mile hike – I have no idea where we were though!
food griddled aubergines with date, walnut and yohurt salad with kisir
Griddled aubergines with date, walnut and yohurt salad with kisir

Cooking The Books: Leon Happy Salads

This seems like a very timely review with the first Leon restaurant having just opened in Manchester.

For those who haven’t heard of the Leon restaurant chain, they serve super healthy and imaginative ‘fast food’, including very delicious salads.

Leon Happy Salads is the brand’s truly joyful cookbook with many inspiring and colourful salad ideas.  I couldn’t wait to get to stuck in.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking as you don’t need my words to sell these beauties. We thoroughly enjoyed every one of these.  There’s so much more you can do with salads than serving bland iceberg lettuce and tomatoes –  and with these recipes we covered an exotic range from crab, asparagus, ceviche and peri-peri chicken to harrisa prawns.

We are looking foward to more sunny days so we can work our way through the entire book.

Harissa Prawns With Bulgar

salad Harissa prawns with bulgar
Harissa prawns with bulgar

Cauchoise: Ham, Herb And Potato Salad

Salad Cauchoise: Ham, Herb And Potato Salad
Cauchoise: ham, herb and potato salad

Greek Salad With Fried Feta

salad greek salad
Greek salad

Coconut Kinilaw With Ceviche And Mango

salad Coconut kinilaw with ceviche and mango
Coconut kinilaw with ceviche and mango

Very Peri-Peri Chicken

salad very peri-peri chicken
Very peri-peri chicken

Sausage Pasta

Salad Sausage Pasta
Sausage pasta

Asparagus, crab and potato

salad Asparagus, crab and potato
Asparagus, crab and potato

Red Cabbage With Bacon And Goat’s Cheese

Red cabbage with bacon and goat's cheese
Red cabbage with bacon and goat’s cheese

Weeky Eats 22nd April 2017

I’m extremely pleased with my eating this week.  Let me tell you about it.

My friend Anna came to stay over Easter so we pulled out all the stops and made a Hemsley and Hemsley slow roasted lamb recipe.  The lamb was delicious, but the kale mint salad was spectacular: kale, uncooked leek, lemon juice and mint worked as a fresh light compliment to the meat.  And I adored the cauliflower mash!

Slow Roasted Lamb With Anchovies And Kale Mint Salad

Eat Slow Roasted Lamb With Anchovies & Kale Mint Salad
Slow Roasted Lamb With Anchovies & Kale Mint Salad

Butterscotch Tiffin, Wolfhouse Kitchen, Altrincham Market

I wanted to show off Altrincham Market to Anna who lives in London.  She was suitably impressed.  And the butterscotch tiffin from Wolfhouse Kitchen was excellent.

Eat Butterscotch Tiffin, Wolfhouse Kitchen
Butterscotch Tiffin, Wolfhouse Kitchen

Mezze Platter, Pokusevski’s, Heaton Moor

After our mid morning cake snack at Alty Market, we needed a light lunch.  Pokusevski’s delivered with tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush, flatbreads and falafels.  A combination I’ve had many times, but with varying degrees of quality.  Pokuesvki’s did a fine job – it was all very fresh and tasty and beautifully served.  The staff were delightful too.

Eat Mezze Platter, Pokusevski's
Mezze Platter, Pokusevski’s

Bundobust, Manchester

I’ve been hearing good things about this Indian street food venue for a while.  And it’s all veggie.  The venue is quirky, fun and stylish and very spacious which I always appreciate. We ordered the lunch express menu – four dishes for £14 which worked out as a lot of food, so a real bargain.  We had okra fries, massala dosa (pancakes with a potato mix rolled inside), egg bhurji (Indian scrambled eggs) and bhel puri (a bit like a hot bombay spice mix).  The food was top notch, the staff were super helpful and the decor and atmosphere hit the spot for me.

Eat Bundobust, Manchester
Bundobust, Manchester

Lunch Express Menu, Bundobust, Manchester

Eat Lunch Express Menu, Bundobust
Lunch Express Menu, Bundobust

Courgette and Aubergine Curry, Hemsley and Hemsley

A mid week easy tea which was healthy and quick to make.

Eat Courgette And Aubergine Curry
Courgette And Aubergine Curry

Slow Cooked Tuscan Wild Boar Shoulder And Beef Shin Ragu, Sugo Restaurant, Altrincham

I met up with a friend on thursday for dinner and we chose to go to Sugo.  We’d both been meaning to go here for ages.  In my case I’d tried on a few occasions but the restaurant was always fully booked which is a sign of it’s massive popularity. It’s opposite Altrincham Market – it’s small and rustic and buzzy.  The pasta isn’t cheap – my wild boar ragu was £17.50, but you get what you pay for – good quality food, excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere.  I’ll definitely go back.

Eat Slow Cooked Tuscan Wild Boar Shoulder And Beef Shin Ragu
Slow Cooked Tuscan Wild Boar Shoulder And Beef Shin Ragu

Chicken And Fennel With Honey, Mustard And Orange, Diana Henry, A Change of Appetite

This was a perfect friday night tea – simple to make – just bung a load of ingredients in the oven and leave it to bake.  It felt like a rather glamourous friday night treat.  Thanks Diana Henry – I always like your food.

Eat Chicken And Fennel With Honey, Mustard And Orange
Chicken And Fennel With Honey, Mustard And Orange

See you all next week with my next update from my eating journal!

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

After the success of my reboot, I was hungry for a new challenge.  I really enjoyed taking gentle steps to improve my well being.

So, what next?

Something I’ve been discussing with friends recently is how whilst I’m really bothered and worried about the environment, I fail to do anything particularly proactive about it.

Yes I cycle, I recycle, I’m careful about food waste and where I can I will take my unwanted possessions to a charity shop.  But beyond that I do little.  And if I’m honest I’ve happily turned a bit of a blind eye to the worrying state of the environment, because it’s too frightening to spend too much time thinking about.  And it often seems expensive and time consuming to care about the environment.

For example I love shopping with Amazon Prime – I mainline books and it’s the cheapest fastest way for me to get hold of them.

But I’m aware that:

a) I hate the way Amazon pack products excessively

b) I know Amazon have a bad environmental record

c) Personally I don’t really want to be lining the pockets of Amazon billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos

But unfortunately despite my political and environmental vaguely good intentions, I’m lazy, busy and have little cash to work out an alternative.

And apart from my  Amazon habit, I, like most people in the UK, consume a lot of stuff.  I like nice clothes, meals out, I shop at supermarkets, I go abroad several times a year.

However, I’m not ready to radicalise my life just yet, but just like my 6 week reboot, I think it would be fun and interesting to attempt some baby steps to improve my ‘greeness’.  I want to approach it in a creative, realistic way that won’t feel like punishment and will benefit me.

Unsurprisingly as a foodie, I’ve chosen food to be my focus.  And in the spirit of the reboot I’m going to give myself 6 weeks to approach this challenge, choosing a different task each week.

This is what I’ve come up with:

  1. Start growing my own veg
  2. Get a veg box – it will contain local produce with no plastics and minimum packaging
  3. Use up as many random abandoned ingredients in my cupboards and freezer as possible
  4. Go foraging and cook with the finds
  5. Go vegan for a week – mass produced dairy and meat is known to leave a massive carbon footprint – going vegan is a good green option
  6. Do my weekly shop from the Unicorn organic produce and wholefoods shop in Chorlton and chat with the employees to find out a bit more about the ethos behind the shop

Watch out for my weekly updates and if you have any tips or thoughts on the subject, please do comment!

green what a pro at watering the garden
What a pro at watering the gardening!

Green katya watering the garden
Oh man, have I broken this?

Green katya nailing the watering of the garden again
Yay! Nailing it again!

Cooking The Books: The Green Kitchen

It wasn’t love at first sight with this book.  Well I was certainly in love with the beautiful photography, but when it came to the nitty gritty of choosing recipes to cook, I was less enamoured.

For some reason none of the recipes really jumped off the  page for me.  They looked difficult to make, had obscure ingredients and some of them sounded outright boring.

How wrong I was.  This is an inspirational book.

For those who don’t know anything about The Green Kitchen – it’s a vegetarian cookbook written by Scandinavian couple, David Frenkiel and Luisa Vindahl.  He’s a magazine photographer, she’s a nutritional therapist. Good combo.

I would describe their cookery as thoughtful, original and super healthy.  You feel so good after eating their food, full and yet light and satisfied.

I think it’s fair to say that we had revelations with these recipes.  The rye bread in particular blew our minds.  We couldn’t believe we’d made this dense, beautiful seedy rye bread.  The sense of achievement was epic.

And pistachio falafels with salsa and nut dip were sensational and just an interesting flavour.  As was the coconut and fennel tart made with an almond flour base.  Oh and the aubergine, hazelnut, ricotta parcel.  OMG they were good.  And what better way to eat food served and in wrapped parcels out of the oven.  The anticipation was fabulous.

This recipe book was definitely an education for me.  When vegetarian food tastes this good and complex and makes you feel this satisfied, why bother with meat?  It also demonstrated how different you can feel after a beautiful healthy dinner.  You feel well, and energetic and positive.


Pistachio falafels
Rye bread
Fennel and coconut tart
Sicilian parmigiana di zucchini
Hazelnut, aubergine, ricotta and mushroom parcels

Also Goods

Raspberry brownies
Green Kitchen cauliflower, apricot and coconut dahl
Cauliflower, apricot and coconut dahl
The Green Kitchen Decadent chocolate and beetroot cake
Decadent chocolate and beetroot cake

This is one of my favourite cookbooks of the year.  I think it’s a real achievement when a cookbook converts you to thinking differently about how and what you eat.  And as I said at the beginning it wasn’t love at first sight but more of a slowly igniting passion, which is way more interesting!

Manchester’s Street Stalls, Pop Ups and Markets

I wanted to tell you about some of the food I’ve been eating on the hoof in Manchester.  And I’ve stumbled upon some rather excellent venues!

Scrancoats at Ancoats General Store

A couple of weeks ago I checked out ‘Scrancoats’ at the Ancoats General Store.  These were weekly pop ups that ran from January to March at the very cool Ancoats General Store cafe. Each week there would be a different stall serving food. When I heard the vegan restaurant Allotment would be featuring I knew I had to go to that one.

I rocked up to find cauliflower hot wings and vegan cheeseboards on offer.  As I perused my choices Matthew Nutter, the Allotment chef and owner, offered me a lump of vegan cheese to try.  Made from coconut oil and macadamia nuts I was amazed to discover it was not only delicious but tasted of cheese.

In the end I opted for the cauliflower hot wings and these crispy treats were much tastier than any Kentucky Fried Chicken I’ve ever had.

Markets Matthew Nutter, head chef at the Allotment with his colleague
Matthew Nutter, head chef at the Allotment with his colleague
Markets Cauliflower hot wings
Cauliflower hot wings

Fusion Lab, Arndale Market

Fusion Lab bao buns are very very popular.  We’d heard a lot about them, and last time we attempted to buy some on a saturday they were sold out by 1pm.  We made sure to get there early this time.  I’d had a tip off that the fish tacos were good too. Everything exceeded expectation and it was a delightfully cheap saturday lunch.  Topped off by bumping into our friend Simon on the train into town, and getting him to join us on our bao bun adventure.

markets Simon's afternoon was improved immeasurably by us introducing him to bao buns
Simon’s afternoon was improved immeasurably by us introducing him to bao buns
markets bao buns
Bao buns
Markets fish tacos
Fish tacos

Simone’s Healthy Bakery, Arndale Market

I have been stalking Simone’s Bakery all this year.  Their healthy cakes are incredible.  They do a mixture of gluten/dairy free and vegan cakes.  I was a bit gutted to hear that they are reformatting and will be opening as a healthy lunch venue instead, apparently in the vein of Kettle Bell Kitchen.  Whilst disappointed that they won’t have quite the same extensive range of cakes with this new venture, I’m excited to test out their lunch offerings when they re-open.

markets simone's healthy bakery
Simone’s Healthy Bakery
markets Vegan vanilla and chocolate swirl cupcakes
Vegan vanilla and chocolate swirl cupcakes

Wolfhouse Kitchen and Little Window, Altrincham Market

Recently I’ve been going to Market House at Altrincham Market as often as I can.  I love it!  It’s a beautiful building, there’s a fantastic buzz and the food is really orignal and of such a high standard.  In particular I’ve been enjoying a lot of cakes from Wolfhouse Kitchen Bakery and I had amazing morcilla black pudding, poached eggs, romesco sauce and sourdough from Little Window. Romesco sauce is like a spanish version of pesto made with sherry, tomato and almonds.  It’s gorgeous.

Markets Altrincham Market
Altrincham Market
Markets Butterscotch Rocky Road
Butterscotch rocky road
markets maple sticky bun
Maple sticky bun
Markets morcilla black pudding, poached eggs, romesco sauce and sourdough
Morcilla black pudding, poached eggs, romesco sauce and sourdough

Pop ups, street stalls and markets are definitely on my radar at the moment.  There are a lot out there producing fantastic, experimental food.  And because it’s so affordable I can keep going back and trying more.  Please let me know if you have recommendations as I’m keen to get tips.  Top of my hit list at the moment is Gud the vegan stall on the outside of Altrincham Market.  I’ve heard their bean burgers are epic.

Pick n’ Mix Reboot Week

After Debbie and I finished our 6 week reboot last week, we decided to throw in one last challenge.  A pick and mix week of all our favourite tasks.

I went for:

  1. Continuing to abstein from decaffeinated coffee and diet squash
  2. Meditating for ten mins a day
  3. Marie Kondo-ing (aka decluttering) here and there
  4. Turning my iPhone off from 8pm to 7am everyday

I’m very proud of the fact that for six weeks in total now (since week two of the reboot) I haven’t touched diet squash or decaffeinated coffee.  Both contain chemicals and personally I think I drank so much of both that the artificial taste of the drinks was blunting my palette. Not what I want as a foodie.  I’m delighted to be off the stuff.  However drinks have become a bit boring lately – there’s only so much water and a herbal tea a girl can drink!

Reboot Trying to spice up my water with a bit of mint
Trying to spice up my water with a bit of mint

I’m loving meditating again.  And ten minutes a day is very achievable.  I’ve even done it with my headphones on the train.  I’m working my way through the guided meditations on Tara Brach’s website.  She’s so calming and grounding.  I think meditation is excellent for dealing with anxiety and stress and just putting you in a good head space.  I’m going to try to keep it up (easier said than done though!).

Marie Kondo is a decluttering guru and I applied her principles in week 4 of the reboot.  I haven’t done extreme Marie Kondo-ing this week like I did in week 4.  However I’d say I did some ‘light’ Marie Kondo-ing.  I finally took all the unwanted ‘joyless’ bags of clothes and books that I had packed up to Barnados and re-re-organised my bathroom cabinet and my make up and wardrobe.  Nothing streneous, but it made me feel really positive and focussed.

And turning off my iPhone at 8pm (ish!) every night is still proving to be a revelation.  I don’t miss it one bit.  And I don’t get that irksome feeling in the evenings anymore that I’m wasting my time staring inanely at videos of puppies on Facebook.  It feels like a very healthy new habit.

I’ve found this ‘gentle’ reboot a lot of fun. And it’s proved to me that I’ve got more self discipline than I realised.  Whilst it hasn’t radically transformed my life, I feel like I’ve gained some useful tools I can call on to help me nurture my mental and physical health.

Debbie’s also been doing a mash up approach this week for her reboot.  If you’d like to read about how she got on here’s the link: ProperFoodie

reboot slow cooker chicken tikka curry
Slow cooker chicken tikka curry

Weekly Eats 15th April 2017

It’s been a full and interesting week of eating I can tell you.  But it nearly always is with me.

In my new ‘Weekly Eats’ blog posts I’m going to give a quick overview of recipes and foods Jamie and I have enjoyed trying during the week.

I’ll dive right in:

Sunday evening

Nigel Slater: lentil and spinach pie from My Kitchen Diaries II

A delicious and comforting sunday evening meal and very simple to make.  I especially loved the spinach being mixed in with the mashed potato topping.

weekly eats Nigel Slater lentil and spinach pie
Nigel Slater lentil and spinach pie

Monday Afternoon

Gluten free white chocolate and raspberry brownie from Simone’s Bakery at the Arndale Centre.  I was getting my eyes tested at Specs Savers nearby so it seemed too good an opportunity to treat myself to a ‘healthy’ cake from Simone’s.  I used the phrase ‘healthy’ lightly as I think most of the cakes despite being vegan/gluten or dairy free tend to be packed with sugar and fat in some form.  They are always very tasty though.

weekly eats Gluten free white chocolate and raspberry brownie from Simone's Bakery
Gluten free white chocolate and raspberry brownie from Simone’s Bakery

Monday Evening

Albondigas and courgettes with tomato-Serrano sauce from Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci.  All of Ali’s recipes are superbly flavourful and as per usual these meatballs packed a punch.  Ali has Italian parents and you can taste the Italian influence in all her food.  I just can’t eat too many Inspiralized meals or I get hungry – I can only do so many carb free meals.  But once a week is perfect.

weekly eats Albonditas and courgetted with tomato-Serrano sauce from Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci
Albondigas and courgettes with tomato-Serrano sauce from Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci

Tuesday Evening

Spaghetti with piquant brocilli from Hope Cohen’s Fast Fresh + Simple.  Super quick, super tasty!

weekly eats Spaghetti with piquant brocilli
Spaghetti with piquant brocilli

Tuesday’s Cakey Treats

Carrot, coconut and banana cupcakes from The Green Kitchen. I’m trying to get back into my healthy baking so these were ideal. These cakes only contained a tiny bit of sugar in the form of maple syrup and honey as most of the sweetness came from the bananas and carrots.  And the cream cheese icing really topped it off. Lovely.

weekly eats carrot, coconut and banana cupcakes
Carrot, coconut and banana cupcakes

Wednesday Night

Beef, lancashire blue & red onion sourdough pizza at Tariff and Dale in the Northern Quarter. I met up with some mates to go to fabulous Rudy’s for pizza – but it’s so popular there was an hour and a half wait for a table and we were too hungry to hang around that long.  Luckily Tariff and Dale provided us with very excellent pizzas instead!

weekly eats Beef, lancashire blue & red onion sourdough pizza
Beef, lancashire blue & red onion sourdough pizza

Thursday Evening

Spaghetti with spinach and feta from Hope Cohen’s Fresh, Fast + Simple.  Just like Hope’s other recipe, ridiculously quick and easy and utterly mouthwatering.

weekly eats Spaghetti with spinach and feta
Spaghetti with spinach and feta

Good Friday

Spiced and fried haddock with broccoli puree from Simply Nigella (served with sweet potato wedges) and for pudding death by chocolate pistachio dark chocolate torte with berry coulis from Alessandra Peters’ The Foodie Teen.  Jamie’s parents came over for lunch and were really wowed by this lunch.  It was pretty yummy.  The torte was truffly and gorgeous.  I’m excited about the leftovers in our fridge!

weekly eats Spiced and fried haddock with broccoli puree
Spiced and fried haddock with broccoli puree
weekly eats death by chocolate pistachio dark chocolate torte with berry coulis
Death by chocolate pistachio dark chocolate torte with berry coulis

For more ‘Weekly Eats’, I’ll be back next week!

Extreme Digital Detox

For week six of my reboot I went hardcore with an extreme digital detox.

The previous week I survived a daily iPhone curfew from 8pm to 7am.  This week I banned all screens (tv/phone/computers) from 8pm to 7am.

I thought it would be a breeze as I found giving up my phone such a doddle.

So, no telly was not so easy.  Admittedly two of the days I was on holiday in Copenhagen so no screen was no great hardship.  Although getting the plane home without a screen was weird. I bought Red magazine and read every article which I really enjoyed, it made a change from zoning out and staring at a Netflix film.

Then the following evenings were back at home, where my resolute routine is watching tv every evening if I’m in.  I didn’t realise quite how important this ritual is to me until I wasn’t allowed to do it. Wednesday night, Jamie went off into the lounge to watch the City match and I was left in the dining room to entertain myself.  I grabbed a pile of books and once I’d settled in and got comfy with a blanket and gotten into a book, it was really pleasant.

Thursday night, I was getting a bit frustrated as I was tired and I just wanted to kick back and watch telly in the evening.  I’d been working hard in my office and ‘deserved’ it! Instead Jamie and I played scrabble.  I was on top scrabble form, we played three games of scrabble and I did a seven letter word in each game.  Unheard of.  Maybe the detox was making me more clever?!  Usually when I play scrabble I’m browsing on my phone at the same time.  Fully concentrating allowed me to play better.

Friday night after a 15 mile Peak District walk with the Fresh Walk crew I would have just loved to rest my aching bones on the sofa, but no, I was committed to no TV and again played scrabble.  Thursday’s genius had clearly faded though as Jamie thrashed me.

Finally on Saturday night, after a long day in Reading visting my dad, I really really could have done with a chill out in front of the tv.  But we got the scrabble board out again and by now the novelty had worn off.  I have to admit it wasn’t my ideal saturday night.

I’ve missed TV quite a bit this week.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had just been a couple of nights off the tv.  In the coming months as the evenings get longer I intend to stop being a coach potato and do some gardening/go for walks and generally shake things up a bit. But I do still want to watch TV on some nights!  However I’m still really appreciating the iPhone curfew – that’s been an absolute joy, it’s almost a relief to not be swiping all the time.

digital detox thursday
My shortlived scrabble genius on thursday

Debbie, my co-rebooter has been tackling hydration this week and attempted to drink 2-3 litres of water a day.  It’s been challenging, but interesting. Read how she’s got along here: ProperFoodie

digital detox hydration
Debbie tried to flourish with water like her flowers

Next Week

You may think the reboot is over now we’ve completed the six week plan.  However Debbie (my co-rebooter) and I have decided to do one final week, doing a pick and mix of all our favourite reboot challenges.

So I’m going to:

  • Continue with no drinking of decaff coffee and diet squash (not hard as I’ve kept that up anyway)
  • Continue with the iPhone curfew from 8pm – 7am daily as I think it’s brilliant
  • Meditate for ten minutes a day as it’s easy and rewarding
  • I will do a spot of Marie Kondo decluttering here and there.

I’ll update you at the end of the week!

5 Heathy Recipes For Quick, Easy Mid-Week Meals From Debbie at ProperFoodie.com

Hello! Debbie here again, with some tasty recipe inspiration for you.

After my first guest-blog-post for Katyascakehole back in February, which included very sweet and highly indulgent desserts, I am now back with some recipes that are a little kinder to the waistline.

Spring is has begun and summer is just a stones throw away, so I’ve started to think about those lighter, healthier meals which are great for warmer weather. October to March, for me, is all about lashings of mashed potato and butter, so its time to start thinking about vibrant salads, rustics grains and crunchy veg.

These 5 recipes are some of my favourite dishes for helping with that transition from winter to summer; healthy, colourful and satisfying.

Click on each of the links below to view the recipe

Chicken burritos with homemade chipotle sauce


recipe chicken burritos
Chicken burritos

Spicy chicken burritos stuffed with rice and avocado, served with a homemade fiery chipotle sauce, Greek yogurt and green chilli. 

recipe chicken burrito
Chicken burritos

Sticky honey glazed prawns with griddled greens


recipe Honey glazed prawns

Honey glazed prawnsSticky, honey glazed prawns with griddle asparagus and courgette ribbons. A dish I used as a Christmas dinner starter, but also perfect for a healthy spring salad.

 Steak platter with chimichurri, rosemary potatoes & avo salad


recipe Steak with rosemary potatoes and chimichurri
Steak with rosemary potatoes and chimichurri

Succulent strips of beef served with a fabulous, homemade Argentinian dip, which will liven up any steak.

Healthy chicken tikka curry with homemade tikka paste


A full flavoured healthy curry made using yogurt, ground almonds and a homemade tikka masala paste. I declare it shall be curry night, every night!

recipe Chicken Tikka Paste
Chicken tikka paste
recipe chicken tikka
Chicken tikka

Turmeric, lemongrass and noodle broth


recipe Turmeric lemongrass and coriander broth
Turmeric lemongrass and coriander broth

An Asian style spicy broth with turmeric, lemongrass and noodles. A filling soup, great for detoxing and revitalising.

For more recipe inspo visit my blog at www.properfoodie.com

And here a pdf versions of all the recipes if you’d like to print them off:

Chicken burritos

Honey glazed prawns

Steak platter with chimichurri

Healthy chicken tikka curry

Turmeric lemongrass and noodle broth