From a Squabble to a Redecorating Overhaul

I am particular about how our house looks, I like to keep things minimalist and decluttered and it’s not a good idea to cross me on that. 

About a month ago my boyfriend Jamie went out on plant shopping spree. I love the botanical look, so I was delighted until I realised that all of the plants were so huge and unwieldy that they made the house look messy.

I’d had a glass wine and I just couldn’t hold back on my irritation: ‘Jamie, the house doesn’t look streamlined anymore and I don’t like it – we need to do something about those plants’.

Jamie, not best pleased that his generous plant contribution was being attacked retorted with: ‘I find it ironic that someone as messy as you is so bothered about the house being streamlined’. This admittedly was a valid point.

However the tension of  ‘plant-gate’ did lead to better things.  It got us thinking about how we could declutter the house so the plants wouldn’t look so overwhelming.

It started with a fancy ‘string’ shelving system and a dumping of an unnecessary chest of drawers in our bedroom, which immediately lifted the room.

We loved the changes so much that we started to get high on our new interior success.  What could we do next? The minimalist (and rather expensive) shelves did highlight how cheap everything else in the room looked, so an Ikea, John Lewis and garden centre trip later we had some new chic shelving blocks, a dusty pink throw and even more plants than before.

plants the new improved bedroomThe new improved bedroom

And the decorating frenzy didn’t stop there, we took our fervour into the guest bedroom – giving it the botanical feature wall treatment we’d planned since we bought the wallpaper nine months ago.  And then of course, we need a new bright blue lampshade to ‘pull the room together’.
plants botancial feature wall
Botanical feature wall

And it’s definitely not over yet – I’ve been eyeing up macrame plant hangers in the Northern Quarter’s Form Lifestyle Store, and all of our sudden our front door looks very tatty, not to mention the mouldy wall in our living room.  I’ll keep you posted!

6 thoughts on “From a Squabble to a Redecorating Overhaul

  1. Well done!
    …and I love the mustard throw, it sets the room off well 🙂

    Something else for you to investigate: Turkish Hammam towels – thin, light, practical and comes in all sorts of colours + designs. Use them as throws, take them on holiday to use as a sarong, or as towels!
    Look at The Conran Shop or Ailera websites for examples!


    1. Hiya! I didn’t do it – my boyfriend did – but I’d say it only took him 20 mins max – so it can’t be that hard xx


      1. I must admit – it’s not so easy to find my books now 🤣! It’s worth it for the look though x


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